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Stainless steel carbon steel composite pipe introduction

Posted by:Rain Time:2019.07.04 18:33

First, the product features: stainless steel carbon steel composite decorative tube outer layer is made of austenitic stainless steel, the 

inner layer is made of precision carbon steel pipe, and the stainless steel and carbon steel pipe are mechanically compounded. The 

product has the advantages of luxurious appearance, corrosion resistance, rust resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and high rigidity 

of carbon steel pipe, and its price is far lower than stainless steel pipe of the same specification, and stainless steel phase with the 

same wall thickness. Compared with the cost reduction of more than 30%, it is a new type of material with good quality and low 

price. It is a substitute for stainless steel tubes that are being strongly recommended by various design institutes.

Second, the scope of application: stainless steel carbon steel composite decorative tube is widely used in security doors and windows, 

steel furniture, municipal engineering, platform barriers, roadblocks, isolation belts. Car and luggage racks, sign poles, street light poles, 

flagpoles, advertising columns, publicity signage stands, medical equipment, fitness equipment, decorative materials, etc. Its unique 

security and robust performance is especially suitable for the security isolation of the restricted area of the public security and judicial 

system as well as other key departments and important places such as banks, finance, warehouses.

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