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What is a Hastelloy tube

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Hastelloy tube is a kind of nickel-based alloy tube. It is mainly divided into three series of B, C and G. It is mainly used in applications 

where Cr-Ni or Cr-Ni-Mo stainless steel, non-metallic materials are not available.

Hastelloy pipe number

In order to improve the corrosion resistance and cold and hot processing properties of Hastelloy tubes, the Hastelloy tube has undergone 

three major improvements, and its development process is as follows:

B series: B→B-2(00Ni70Mo28)→B-3

C series: C→C-276(00Cr16Mo16W4)→C-4(00Cr16Mo16)→C-22(00Cr22Mo13W3)→C-2000(00Cr20Mo16)

G series: G→G-3(00Cr22Ni48Mo7Cu)→G-30(00Cr30Ni48Mo7Cu)

The most widely used materials are the second generation materials N10665 (B-2), N10276 (C-276), N06022 (C-22), N06455 (C-4) and 

N06985 (G-3).

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