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Types of Steel Reducer

Posted by:Rain Time:2019.07.18 01:02

Steel reducer is divided into two types: seamless and seamed. The seamless reducer is pressed by seamless steel pipe. The steel pipe 

with different diameter is cut and welded. It is also called welded reducer. .

Both types of reducers are available in both concentric and eccentric versions. The bottom of the eccentric reducer has a straight edge. 

When used, the bottom of the tube can be made into a horizontal plane, which is convenient for discharging the material in the discharge 

pipe during maintenance.

The range of seamless reducer is DN25~600mm, and the range of seam welded reducer is DN200~1500mm.

Steel reducers, as finished pipe fittings on the pipe, were only available after the 1970s. Most of the reductions in the early process pipes 

were made on site. The pipe diameter varies greatly at the pipe end and is directly welded into a different diameter pipe.

The tube diameter does not change much, and the tube end is heated and directly thrown. The production of the reducer by the strip 

welding requires a lot of labor, many welds, and the welding quality is not easy to guarantee. At present, the process piping with high 

welding quality requirements has been banned.

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