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Bearing steel pipe knowledge

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Bearing steel tube material: GCr15

Bearing steel pipe refers to hot-rolled or cold-rolled (cold-drawn) seamless steel pipe for the manufacture of ordinary rolling bearing 

rings. The outer diameter of the steel pipe is 25-180 mm, and the wall thickness is 3.5-20 mm, which is divided into two types: normal 

precision and high precision. Bearing steel is steel used to make balls, rollers and bearing rings. Bearings are subjected to extreme 

pressure and friction during operation, so bearing steels are required to have high and uniform hardness and wear resistance, as well 

as high elastic limits. The uniformity of the chemical composition of the bearing steel, the content and distribution of non-metallic 

inclusions, and the distribution of carbides are all very strict, and it is one of the most demanding steel grades in all steel production.

Bearing steel pipe physical properties

The physical properties of bearing steel are mainly based on inspection of microstructure, decarburization layer, non-metallic inclusions 

and low-fold structure. In general, it is delivered by hot rolling annealing and cold drawing annealing. The delivery status should be stated 

in the contract. The low-magnification of steel must be free of shrinkage, subcutaneous bubbles, white spots and microscopic pores. The 

center is loose, generally loose, no more than 1.5, and segregation must not exceed 2. The annealed structure of the steel should be a 

uniformly distributed fine-grained pearlite.

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