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Series of thicknesses of steel pipe walls

Posted by:Rain Time:2019.08.08 20:29

The series of thicknesses of the steel pipe walls has its origin in the system of the Imperial unity (inch), which uses fractions for 

the expression of the formats. The thickness of the walls in pipe is created by "Schedule" (40, 60, 80, 120 ...), connected in some 

dimensions to the weight class (STD, XS, XXS). These values, converted into millimeters, constitute a part of the series of wall 

thicknesses. (Note: dimensions - the value of Schedule for example 40 is not constant, but depends on the external diameter of 

the pipe).

For the pipe the wall thickness values are derived from the "scales" of BWG, SWG possibly others. After the conversion into mm 

these values are another part of the series of wall thicknesses for steel pipes. To be precise, steel pipes used in Europe and in 

countries that use the SI system create the dimensional line with rounded dimensions of the external diameters and wall thickn

-esses. The tolerances for the outer diameter, the inner diameter and the thickness of the walls are valid only for two ordered 

values. The tolerance of the third dimension can be agreed only with precision tubes.

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