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What are the requirements for high-quality seamless pipes?

Posted by:Rain Time:2020.03.24 20:06

1. The application field of pipe is very wide. Pipes are used in many industries.

2. Different industries have different characteristics of different industries, and thus have different technical requirements.

3. Pipe is a relatively mature product, and various industries have corresponding technical standards.

4. Test the pipe, select the corresponding product standard according to the industry in which the pipe is applied, and test the corresponding technical indicators according to the needs of the industry.

5. Generally, there are dimension indicators, inner diameter, outer diameter, and wall thickness.

6. Strength index, the strength index of the pipe includes radial compressive strength, namely ring stiffness, flexibility index, bending index, impact strength, etc. For pipes used for drinking water, there are technical indicators for their sanitation and water pressure resistance. index.

7. There are also technical requirements for the communications industry.

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