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Gate Valve

Solf Seal Gate Valve 

Hard Seal Gate Valve 

Bonnetless Knife

 Gate Valve

Ceramic Knife Gate Valve

Ceramic Valve - Cast Steel 

Flange Manual Knife Gate Valve

Electric Knife Gate Valve

Pneumatic Ceramic 

Double Disc Gate Valve

Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve

Severe Service Knife Gate Valve

Stainless Steel Knife Gate Valve

Butterfly Valve

Butterfly Valve 

Cast Steel Butterfly Valve

MSS SP68 High 

Pressure Butterfly Valve

Trip Eccentric Butterfly valve

Ball Valve

Ball Valve with Lever Operated
Brass Ball Valve   
Memoryseal Ball Valve 
Single Male Union Ball Valve

US Standard Ball Valve

Ball Valve

Oil Free Ball Valve 

Oil Free Air Vent 

Hydraulic Ball Valve

Global Valve & Check Valve

Non Return Global Valve 500x500

ANSI Class 150 Cast Steel 
Swing Check Valve

Wafer Dual Plate Check Valve

Wafer Single Disc Check Valve

Plunger Valve & Strainer Valve

Plunger Valve
Plunger Valve
Strainer Valve 250x250
Y Strainer Valve 500x500   

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