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Construction and installation points of plastic-coated steel pipe

1. It should be implemented by CECS125:2001 of "Technical Regulations for Building Water Supply Plastic-coated Composite Pipe Pipeline Engineering".

2. The following construction equipment should be used for plastic-coated steel pipes:

(1) The cutting should be cut with a metal saw;

(2) The pressure groove should adopt a special rolling groove machine;

(3) The pipe bend should be cold-formed by a pipe bender;

(4) The threading should be processed by an electric threading machine;

(5) The deburring of the end of the plastic-coated steel pipe and the processing of the corner should be processed with a file;

(6) A small brush or a small toothbrush should be used to apply high-strength inorganic solvent liquid epoxy resin coating.


3. The construction procedure of plastic-coated steel pipes should meet the following requirements:

(1) Plastic-coated steel pipes should not be buried in reinforced concrete structural layers;

(2) Welding is prohibited in the installation of plastic-coated steel pipes;

(3) The installation of plastic-coated steel pipes should be gradually connected from large diameters too small diameters, and the pipe openings should be blocked in time;

(4) Plastic-coated steel pipes are strictly prohibited from throwing and violent impact during transportation, loading, and unloading, and construction on the construction site;

(5) When installing plastic-coated steel pipes, pipe benders can be used for cold bending when the pipe diameter is not greater than DN50, but the bending radius of curvature shall not be less than 8 times the pipe diameter, and the bending angle shall not be greater than 10°.

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