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Advantages and installation of plastic-coated steel pipe

Advantages of plastic-coated steel pipe

1. Hygienic, non-toxic, no fouling, no breeding of microorganisms, ensuring fluid quality

2. Resistant to chemicals, soil and marine organisms, cathodic disbonding

3. The installation process is mature, convenient, and fast, and the connection is the same as that of ordinary galvanized pipes

4. Good weather resistance, suitable for harsh environments such as deserts and saline alkalis

5. Smooth pipe wall, improved conveying efficiency, and long service life

Installation method of plastic-coated steel pipe

1. Piping blanking: Calculate the piping size, and use a special pipe-cutting tool to cut off the pipe according to the required length. When cutting, the pipe end should be kept perpendicular to the axis of the stainless steel pipe.

2. Cleaning and gluing: Clean the socket of stainless steel pipe fittings and the end of thin-walled stainless steel pipe, and prevent the presence of foreign matter such as water and oil, and then apply anaerobic glue evenly from the end of the steel pipe 5mm to the marked line.

3. Insert the steel pipe: insert the stainless steel water pipe into the bottom of the fitting socket and rotate it once to ensure that the glue adheres evenly.

4. Crimping: Put the steel pipe into the crimping mold of the crimping tool, then crimp it.

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