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Application scope and adaptability conditions of plastic-coated steel pipe

Application range of plastic-coated steel pipe

(1) Coal mine system: underground water supply and drainage, fire sprinkler, underground grouting, positive and negative pressure ventilation and gas drainage, and other pipe networks.

(2) Heat network water delivery system: buried heating network water delivery, cold and hot circulating water system.

(3) Municipal system: anti-corrosion pipelines such as building water supply, natural gas, seawater transportation, and sewage discharge.

(4) Industrial chemical industry: corrosive medium transportation in petrochemical, non-ferrous metal smelting, coking, light industry, and other industries.

(5) Protection engineering: buried cable protection pipe, fire sprinkler pipeline system, playground kindergarten guardrail project.

(6) Other anti-corrosion pipelines suitable for this product

Adaptive conditions for plastic-coated steel pipes

1. Adapt to buried and humid environments, and can withstand high and extremely low temperatures.

2. Strong anti-interference ability. If the plastic-coated steel pipe is used as a cable casing, it can effectively shield external signal interference.

3. Good pressure resistance, the pressure can reach 6mpa.

4. Good insulation performance, as a protective tube for electric wires, there will never be leakage.

5. No burrs, smooth pipe wall, suitable for wearing wires or cables during construction.

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