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The difference between plastic-coated steel pipe and steel plastic composite pipe

Plastic coated steel pipes, also known as plastic-coated pipes, steel plastic composite pipes, and plastic-coated composite steel pipes, use steel pipes as the substrate, and weld a layer of plastic anti-corrosion layer or Steel-plastic composite steel pipe with plastic anti-corrosion layer welded on the inner and outer surfaces.

Steel plastic composite pipe (Steel plastic composite pipe) is a water supply galvanized internal plastic-coated composite steel pipe made by pretreatment, preheating, internal coating, leveling, and post-treatment processes. It is an upgraded product of the traditional galvanized pipe. Usually threaded. There are many classifications of steel plastic composite pipes, which can be classified according to the structure of the pipes into steel-belt reinforced steel plastic composite pipes, seamless steel pipe-reinforced steel plastic composite pipes, perforated steel strip steel plastic composite pipes, and steel mesh skeleton steel plastic composite pipes.

The difference between plastic-coated steel pipes and steel plastic composite pipes: the inner and outer plastic-coated steel pipes have the advantages of high strength, easy connection, water impact resistance, etc. With poor fire protection performance and other shortcomings, the design life can reach 50 years. The main disadvantage is that bending is not allowed during installation, and during thermal processing and electric welding and cutting, the cutting surface should be painted with non-toxic room temperature curing glue provided by the manufacturer to repair the damaged parts.

The steel plastic composite pipe has an oxygen barrier effect and can be directly used in direct drinking water projects, and its inner and outer layers are made of plastic material, which has very good corrosion resistance. Such excellent performance makes steel plastic composite pipes widely used, such as petroleum and natural gas transportation, industrial and mining pipes, drinking water pipes, drainage pipes, and other fields.

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