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Why choose the stainless steel for flue pipes


In recent years there has been a growing diffusion of stainless steel flue pipes. But the use of this material is becomin... Read more »

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What is cold drawing and cold rolling


Cold drawing and cold rolling is common in iron and Steel production process, production of seamless tube will need to us... Read more »

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Uses of Stainless Steel Seamless Pipes


Let’s take a look at the different types of industries in which these Seamless pipes are used.... Read more »

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Differentiate Carbon Steel Vs. Stainless Steel


If you want to distinguish carbon steel from stainless steel, the following tips are just for you. ... Read more »

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Concentric and Eccentric Reducer


Concentric Reducers can be used to join pipes and tubes that are on the same axis. An in-line conical path between differ... Read more »

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Monthly steel market news (2022.04.01-2022.04.30)


Monthly updates about steel market and exporting.... Read more »

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Advantages and application of monel 400 welded pipes


Monel 400 is sometimes referred to as super alloy monel. Hexagon, round, tube, pipe, plate, strip, board, and wire are so... Read more »

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Features, Advantages, and Uses of Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings


Pipes are a hollow cylinder or a tubular portion used primarily to transfer material that can flow. ... Read more »

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Why Choose Steel for Water Pipes


Bestar Steel have been supplying coated and lined carbon steel water pipe for over thirty years and have seen numerous ch... Read more »

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What Causes Steel Pipe Corrosion? How to Prevent?


The most simple cause of corrosion is contact. That can be when steel pipe comes in contact with all kinds of things, inc... Read more »

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Complete guide on Blind flanges


A blind flange is a solid disc that is usually used as a stop or to seal off a pipeline. Like a standard flange, it has s... Read more »

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303 Vs 304 Vs 316 Stainless: Comparing the Most Popular Steels


You know your decision boils down to 303 vs 304 vs 316 stainless steel. You want an end product of the best possible qual... Read more »

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