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Plastic coated steel pipe construction procedure


(1) Plastic-coated steel pipes​ should not be buried in reinforced concrete stru...... Read more »

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Characteristics of mine plastic coated steel pipe


(1) Flame retardant and antistatic: The product is made of polyethylene coating ...... Read more »

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How can it be regarded as a "high quality" plastic coated steel pipe


Plastic-coated steel pipe has the dual advantages of steel pipe and plastic pipe...... Read more »

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The production process of epoxy resin coated steel pipe


Epoxy coated steel pipe first pre-treats the base pipe--polishing the steel pipe...... Read more »

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Performance and storage and transportation requirements of plastic-coated steel pipes for water supp


Plastic-coated steel pipe for water supply is a new type of pipe specially devel...... Read more »

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How does the spraying method of plastic coated steel pipe work


The outer coating EP powder of plastic-coated steel pipes is mostly sprayed with...... Read more »

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Application of polyethylene coated steel pipe in electric power


Polyethylene plastic-coated steel pipe is a steel-plastic composite pipe made by...... Read more »

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The difference between plastic-coated steel pipe and steel plastic composite pipe


Plastic coated steel pipes, also known as plastic-coated pipes, steel plastic co...... Read more »

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Safety protection in the construction of anti-corrosion steel pipe


1. Spraying process of 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipeAt present, most 3PE anti-co...... Read more »

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Do the inner and outer plastic-coated steel pipes need to be anti-corrosion and oiled


If the interior and exterior are fully coated steel pipe with plastic, no anti-c...... Read more »

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The importance of adding an anti-corrosion coating to plastic-coated steel pipes


China‘s steel-plastic steel pipes have not been developed for a long time, and t...... Read more »

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How to connect plastic coated steel pipe


Connection methods of plastic-coated steel pipes: threaded connection, groove co...... Read more »

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