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Difference between ERW Steel Pipe and UOE Steel Pipe


ERW steel pipe material is hot rolled coil, UOE steel pipe material is hot rolled sheet. ... Read more »

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What is the difference between austenitic and martensitic stainless steel


While austenitic stainless steels tend to have very high ductility in terms of formability, those alloys belonging to the... Read more »

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Types of Flange Gaskets


A flange gasket is a type of gasket made to fit between two sections of pipe that are flared to provide higher surface ar... Read more »

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Steel market and exporting news March 2022


Monthly updates about steel market and exporting.... Read more »

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Types of Piping Material Available


Five of the most popular piping materials, as well as the conditions that each of them would work best for.... Read more »

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Popular Metals for Welding


Welding is a complicated process, and there can be several pitfalls on the way to completing a successful weld.... Read more »

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Which is stronger I beam or rectangular tube?


Rectangular tubing of the same weight as channel will be stronger and stiffer. Rectangular tubing of the same thickness a... Read more »

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1045 VS 4140 Steel Comparison


1045 and 4140 have distinct chemical and mechanical characteristics which make them valuable for different applications.... Read more »

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Three characteristics of carbon steel pipes


Before deciding on a particular metal for your industrial project, assess the volume and scope of the work, the sort of l... Read more »

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What are uses of low carbon steel


Steel is the most commonly used metal in the world. But steel isn’t just one product alone.... Read more »

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What is a Butterfly Valve and How Does it Work


Butterfly valves are a family of quarter-turn rotational motion valves that are used in pipelines to shut-off flow. ... Read more »

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How stainless steel is made


​The exact process for a grade of stainless steel will differ in the later stages. How a grade of steel is shaped, work... Read more »

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