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Why can 3pe anti-corrosion steel pipe be anti-corrosion

3pe anti-corrosion steel pipe means it has three layers of anti-corrosion PE steel pipes. 3pe anti-corrosion steel pipeline is widely used today, a kind of steel pipeline with good anti-corrosion. What anti-corrosion materials are the structure of 3pe anti-corrosion steel pipes composed of? What are the principles of 3pe anti-corrosion steel pipes to prevent corrosion?

1. Pipeline anticorrosion usually adopts two common main methods: outer coating and the application of cathodic protection.

2. Although the vast majority of the surface of the pipeline is covered by the coating, the slightest leak will produce an unimaginable corrosion rate, or even perforation or cracking. Therefore, in pipeline anticorrosion, the coating system and cathodic protection are usually used together to achieve 100% coverage, to avoid unimaginable consequences in the future.

3. The cathodic protection used in pipeline anticorrosion is divided into sacrificial cathodic protection and impressed current cathodic protection.

4. The purpose of using the coating for anti-corrosion of the 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipeline is to form a continuous covering layer of insulating material, which directly insulates the electrolyte in direct contact with the metal so that the correct electrolytic reaction cannot occur.

5. The discontinuous points in the coating laying process are called leakage points. The main reason is the coating, transportation, or installation process. It may also be caused by the aging of the coating, soil stress, or the movement of the pipeline in the soil. Timely detection of damage caused by third parties.

6. Principle of impressed current cathodic protection: By applying an amplitude current to the protective metal, the corrosion on the structure stops when the potential of all cathode points reaches the open circuit potential of the most active anode point through cathodic polarization.

7. Composition of impressed current cathodic protection: rectifier and potentiostat

8. Rectifier: Converts alternating current to direct current.

9. 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe a> Potentiostat: an electronic instrument that can automatically control the constant potential of the pipeline.

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