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The production process of plastic-coated steel pipe

Generally, there are many different production processes for the production process of plastic-coated steel pipes, but we know very little about the situation behind these production processes. Today we will learn about the production process of plastic-coated steel pipes together.

(1) Internal and external spraying process: Using electrostatic adsorption theory, through pre-treatment of steel pipes, spray polyethylene or epoxy resin powder with a spray gun. Also known as the second-generation anti-corrosion plastic-coated steel pipe, epoxy composite steel pipe inside and outside.

(2) Curtain coating process: also known as the curtain method, it is coated on the outer wall of the heated steel pipe using curtain coating through a sieve filled with powder.

(3) Melting and winding process: using the hot melting and winding method, hot melt adhesive and polyethylene are wound on the heated steel pipe in the form of an extruder, and react to form a three-layer structure. The full name is fusion bonded epoxy/extrusion Plastic polyethylene structural protective layer.

(4) Hot dipping adopts fluidized bed dipping, a one-time film-forming method. Also known as the first generation of anti-corrosion plastic-coated steel pipes, polyethylene inside and outside.

(5) Plastic-coated composite steel pipes are divided into a hot-dipping process, internal and external spraying process, rotational molding process, shower coating process, suction coating process, fusion winding process, etc.

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