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Analysis of anticorrosion work of plastic-coated steel pipe

Steel structure building materials are materials often used in the construction industry. There are many ways for steel structures to exist, such as steel plates, steel pipes, and so on. To make these pipe fittings play a better role, great scientists have been continuously developing new products, and plastic-coated steel pipes are the latest pipe fitting materials. To make the plastic-coated steel pipe last longer, it is treated with anti-corrosion during manufacture, which increases the anti-corrosion function of the plastic-coated steel pipe.

Plastic-coated steel pipes and equipment are non-toxic and harmless, and will not release any poisonous gas or pollution during production, processing, or use. It is a green and environmentally friendly building pipe fitting. Moreover, the plastic-coated steel pipe can effectively save energy during production, and there is no special demand for water, electricity, or other materials during the production process, and the production and processing process should be the simplest. To ensure the service life of the plastic-coated steel pipe, corresponding anti-corrosion work will be done on the plastic-coated steel pipe. Corrosion of pipe fittings will have a certain impact on buildings, so some anti-corrosion treatment will be carried out when producing plastic-coated steel pipes. Anti-corrosion agents or anti-corrosion paint can be applied on the inside and outside of the plastic-coated steel pipe.

The main purpose of modifying the anti-corrosion coating on the plastic-coated steel pipe is to better protect the cathode. When the preservative is applied to the plastic-coated steel pipe, the loop resistance on the pipe fittings will be increased, which can reduce the flow of corrosion current. However, it is not possible to protect the steel structure from corrosion by simply applying anti-corrosion agents. When applying anti-corrosion agents, it is necessary to take necessary protection for the cathode. Under the effect of two layers of protection, the plastic-coated steel pipe part can be easily corroded.

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