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How can it be regarded as a "high quality" plastic coated steel pipe

Plastic-coated steel pipe has the dual advantages of steel pipe and plastic pipe. It not only has the mechanical strength and bearing pressure of steel pipe, but also has the characteristics of the smooth inner wall of the non-metallic pipe, strong wear resistance, strong corrosion resistance, small water flow resistance, and environmental protection. With the procedural development of my country's pipe industry, various plastic-coated steel pipes of varying quality and quality appear on the market. So what kind of plastic-coated steel pipes can be called "high-quality"?

1. Double-layer coating. Double-layer coating means that the coating is a composite coating structure, the bottom layer is an anti-corrosion coating, and the surface layer is an anti-mechanical damage coating. Although the types of materials are the same, the material properties are quite different. The double-layer coating exerts the characteristics of the material and makes the function perfect.

2. One touch, two smells, and three pinches. Touch texture: rough particles are probably mixed with other things; smell: the main material of plastic-coated steel pipes is polypropylene, and good pipes have no smell; pinch hardness: the hardness of plastic-coated steel pipes is better, not casually pinched If pinched, it will be deformed.

3. For plastic-coated steel pipes, water supply and drainage professionals, often use the pipes as much as possible without asking for other things. The problem with plastic-coated steel pipes is not entirely to produce qualified products. In addition, there are also service issues. , such as repairing and recoating plastic-coated steel pipes.

Finally, the price advantage. In the current pipe market, the price advantage is strong market competitiveness, even higher than the quality. The price of plastic-coated steel pipes can be equal to that of galvanized steel pipes, and the market share can only be increased with high quality.

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