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Alloy steel pipe specifications and applications


alloy steel pipes are widely used for oil & gas, power plant, nuclear power, high pressure boiler, high temperature superheater and reheater of high-temperature high-pressure pipeline and equipment.

alloying elements

commonly used alloying elements and their effects are listed in the table given below.

alloying elements

effect on the properties


increases resistance to corrosion   and oxidation. increases hardenability and wear resistance. increases high   temperature strength.


increases hardenability. improves   toughness. increases impact strength at low temperatures.


increases hardenability, high   temperature hardness, and wear resistance. enhances the effects of other   alloying elements. eliminate temper brittleness in steels. increases high   temperature strength.


increases hardenability. combines   with sulfur to reduce its adverse effects.


increases hardenability, high   temperature hardness, and wear resistance. improves fatigue resistance.


strongest carbide former. added to   stainless steel to prevent precipitation of chromium carbide.


removes oxygen in steel making.   improves toughness. increases hardness ability


increases hardenability. produces   fine grain size.


forms nitride in nitriding steels.   produces fine grain size in casting. removes oxygen in steel melting.


increases heat and wear   resistance.


increases hardness at elevated   temperatures. refines grain size.

role of alloying elements

depending on the quantities of alloying elements following properties  of material get affected such as

· corrosion resistance

· hardenability

· machinability

· high or low-temperature stability

· ductility

· toughness

· better wear resistance

· improved weldability

alloy pipes specification and size
astm/ asme

american society for testing and materials(astm), american society of mechanical engineers (asme)




steel code/ steel grade

carbon and alloy steel mechanical tubing, either hot-finished or cold-finished

astm a519

20-180 x 2-30

a1, c

seamless ferritic and austenitic alloy steel boiler, superheater and heat-exchanger tubes

astm a213 09

10.3-426 x 1.0-36

t5, t5b, t9 , t11, t22 ,t91

seamless carbon and alloy steel for mechanical tubing

astm a333

1/4"-42" x sch20-xxs

grade1 gr. 3,gr..6, gr.8 , gr. 9

seamless ferritic alloy-steel pipe for high-temperature service

astm 335/335m

1/4"-42" x sch20-xxs

p5, p9 ,p11, p91, p22, p92

din/en- european standards for steel

germany safety(gs), deutsches institut fur normung(din)

product name

executive standard

dimension (mm)

steel code/ steel grade

seamless steel tubes for elevated temperature

din 17175

10-762 x 1.0-120

st35.8,st45.8, 10crmo910, 15mo3, 13crmo44, stpl340, stb410, stb510, wb36

seamless steel tubes for pressure purposes


4.0-60.0 x 0.5-8
5-7 m manufacturing lenght

p235gh tc1, p235gh tc2, 16mo3

seamless precision steel tube applications

en 10305-1

13.5-165.1 x 1.8-4.85


seamless precision steel tube

din 2391

4.0-60.0 x 0.5-8

st35, st45, st52

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Carbon Steel Line Pipe,Weldolet Sockolet Threadolet,Casing and Tubing Coupling
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