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Anti-corrosion treatment of spiral steel pipe

an anti-corrosion spiral steel pipe is an anti-corrosion treatment for a spiral steel pipe. the main anti-corrosion method is the polyurethane anti-corrosion spiral pipe. after the pre-treatment such as rust removal of the steel pipe, it is covered with a polyethylene jacket. filled with foam, the thickness of the foam is also processed according to customer needs.

the anticorrosive spiral steel pipe device can be either overhead or buried. the durability of anticorrosive spiral steel pipe: durability refers to the ability of metal materials not to be damaged under the effect of impact force (dynamic load). durability includes impact toughness and impact absorption index. impact toughness of anticorrosive spiral steel pipe: impact toughness is the objective of determining the mechanical function of the impact resistance of metal materials under dynamic load.

generally, the high-energy primary impact value (αku or αkv) is used as the standard, and standard samples of size and shape are selected, and the experiment is carried out with a hammer type primary impact testing machine. experimental results, anti-corrosion spiral steel pipe impact absorption work: the size of the αk value. not only according to the data itself, but also according to changes in sample size, shape, and experimental temperature changes, so the αk value has only one relative target.

the impact absorption energy ak is directly selected as the target of impact toughness. the main straight pipe of the anti-corrosion spiral steel pipe is prefabricated in the factory with an anti-corrosion layer, the supplementary section is reserved, and welded in the field, and the heat-shrinkable sleeve or heat shrinkable tape is used to supplement the hole. for the elbow part, heat shrinkable tape is now used for the same level of anticorrosive spiral steel pipe. the disadvantage of this kind of anti-corrosion technology is that it cannot be constructed by a mechanized assembly line, and can only be surrounded manually, which is time-consuming and high in data costs.

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spiral steel pipe manufacturer, spiral steel pipe supplier, spiral steel pipe wholesalesr
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