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Detail of epoxy resin coated anti-corrosion steel pipe


first, the composition of epoxy resin coated anti-corrosion steel pipe:

1. steel pipe: seamless steel pipe, straight seam steel pipe, spiral steel pipe, and other steel pipes

2. epoxy resin coating this product is a two-component, high-solid coating with epoxy resin as the main agent. sub-primer and topcoat. component a is composed of epoxy resin, pigments, additives, and additives. part b is a curing agent formulated with modified amines.

second, the characteristics and application fields of epoxy resin coated anti-corrosion steel pipe:

1. good durability, the paint film cured by epoxy resin is tough and water-resistant, non-toxic, and non-polluting to water. strong adhesion, good adhesion between paint film and paint film. it has excellent anti-rust and water-resistant properties, and the use of excellent anti-rust raw materials can guarantee its anti-rust performance. it has good mechanical strength, tough paint film, wear resistance, and impact resistance. high solid content, thick coating film. curing at room temperature to form a film. no need for large baking equipment. the

2. it is widely used in the inner wall coating of drinking water tanks, water pipes, water tanks, water towers, and other water supply equipment and in the cargo holds of sugar and grain. it can also be used as the inner wall coating of swimming pools, cooling towers of power plants, metals for fuel oil and gasoline, and concrete.

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Ball Valve,Butterfly Valves,Gate valve
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