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Internal and external plastic-coated steel pipes for fire protection


1. product performance of fire-fighting plastic-coated steel pipe the product has good hygienic performance and meets the national standard: "coated steel pipe for automatic sprinkler system". the pipe does not accumulate scale and does not breed microorganisms. secondary pollution. anti-corrosion steel pipes are prone to corrosion and cause secondary pollution to the conveying fluid.

2. excellent mechanical strength: plastic-coated steel pipe has the mechanical strength of steel pipe and the corrosion resistance of plastic pipe, and has strong impact, bending, pressure, and strength bearing capacity.

3. the heat loss of the product is small, and the thermal conductivity of the steel pipe can be reached. the plastic-coated composite steel pipe is coated with plastic inside and outside, so the insulation design is the same, and the heat loss of the plastic-coated steel pipe is reduced.

4. the service life of fire-fighting plastic-coated steel pipes can reach more than 50 years, while that of galvanized steel pipes is generally 20 years, and 7-86 years will generate relatively large maintenance costs.

5. the product has good corrosion resistance and weather resistance, good plasticity of inner and outer walls, excellent acid, alkali, and salt corrosion resistance, can be used in harsh environments, and is resistant to cathodic disbonding. tin-plated pipes are easy to corrode due to underground stray currents and soil corrosion. there are nearly 4 billion tons of steel corrosion loss worldwide every year, and the maintenance and protection costs are very high.

6. the fluid resistance is small, the inner wall is smooth, the conveying efficiency is high, there is a certain friction force, and the surface roughness is 0.15~4mm. the energy loss of fire-resistant coating steel pipe transportation is small, which can reduce the head of the pump, because the head of the water pump can be changed by changing the diameter of the impeller, thereby increasing the flow rate or saving electric energy. the inner wall of the galvanized pipe is easy to scale, and it is easy to form a pipe plug.

7. there are various connection methods for plastic-coated steel pipes, such as screw connection, flange welding, and groove connection.

8. the product has vacuum resistance. the length of the pipe section test piece is to use appropriate measures to block the pipe inlet, gradually increase the negative pressure of mercury from the inlet, and keep it for 1min. after the test, check that the inner coating of the coating does not fall off.

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Drill Collar,Pre-packed Well Screen,Expansion Joints
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