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Plastic-coated anti-corrosion straight seam steel pipe


socket plastic-coated steel pipe application fields:
socket-type inner and outer plastic-coated steel pipes are used in the construction industry for water supply and drainage systems, circulating water systems, petroleum and chemical pipelines, fire sprinkler systems, natural gas, gas transmission, and other fields.

the coating surface of the plastic-coated steel pipe is smooth and beautiful, and the apparent color can be selected at will. the inner wall is smooth, which can prevent the growth of microorganisms, and the resistance of conveying fluid is small, which can increase the flow rate and save energy.

the socket flexible plastic-coated steel pipe adopts a special process, selects the steel pipe as the base pipe, and then treats the end of the steel pipe with plastic coating. epoxy resin or polyethylene anti-corrosion coating is used to meet the requirements of pipeline anti-corrosion and solve the problem of easy corrosion of steel pipes in the past.

under the alternate action of full flow and low flow, the anti-corrosion coating has a good anti-corrosion effect on microbial corrosion and bacterial acid corrosion in the drain pipe.

introduction of plastic-coated anti-corrosion straight seam steel pipe:
the inner and outer plastic-coated steel pipes are melted on the inner wall of the steel pipe with a layer of polyethylene (pe) resin, ethylene-acrylic acid copolymer (eaa), epoxy (ep) powder, non-toxic polypropylene (pp) or the steel-plastic composite pipe made of non-toxic polyvinyl chloride (pvc) and other organic substances not only has the advantages of high strength, easy connection, and water impact resistance of steel pipes, but also overcomes the corrosion, pollution, scaling and the plastic pipe has disadvantages such as low strength and poor fire performance, and its design life can reach 50 years.

the main disadvantage is that it is not allowed to bend during installation, and when performing operations such as thermal processing and electric welding and cutting, the cutting surface should be painted with non-toxic room temperature curing glue provided by the manufacturer.

the main specifications are φ15-φ100.

the main models of epoxy powder coated straight seam steel pipes are divided into: gs--x-sp-t-ep, gs-sp-t-ep, gs-d-sp-t-ep(pe)

industry standards for large-diameter buried plastic-coated steel pipes for water delivery:

in january 2001, the ministry of construction approved the release of the "plastic-coated composite steel pipe for water supply" (cj/t120-2001) urban construction industry standard, and required it to be implemented on june 1, 2001. the main technical content is introduced as follows:

this standard specifies the product classification and marking, requirements, test methods, inspection rules and signs, packaging, transportation, and storage of plastic-coated composite steel pipes for water supply (hereinafter referred to as plastic-coated steel pipes).

large-diameter socket-type plastic-coated steel pipes this standard applies to plastic-coated steel pipes with working pressure not greater than 1.0mpa, a working temperature at room temperature, and a nominal diameter not greater than 150mm for transporting drinking water. for the manufacture of plastic-coated composite steel pipes with a diameter exceeding 150mm, this standard can be referred to.

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