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Plastic coated steel pipe and epoxy resin coated steel pipe


the convenient construction of epoxy resin plastic coated steel pipe refers to the simplification and convenience of the steps, the simplification of the process, and the extension of life. the service life can be in a reasonable ratio to the investment cost, and environmental protection means that with the development of the times, the environmental protection requirements for epoxy resin take into account health and safety issues, so the production standards for epoxy resin plastic-coated steel pipes are also increasing. more stringent. due to environmental factors, products that do not meet environmental protection requirements will be phased out.

plastic-coated composite steel pipe is a steel-plastic composite pipe layer composed of polyethylene (pe) resin, ethylene-acrylic acid copolymer (eaa), epoxy (ep) powder, non-toxic polypropylene (pp) and polyvinyl chloride (pvc) and other organic substances, not only have the advantages of high strength, easy connection, and water impact resistance but also overcome the corrosion, pollution and scaling of steel pipes when exposed to water. plastic pipes have disadvantages such as low strength and poor fire performance, and the design life can reach 50 years. the main disadvantage is that it is not allowed to bend during installation. when performing thermal processing and electric welding cutting, the cutting surface should be polished with non-toxic room-temperature curing glue provided by the manufacturer.

there are currently many manufacturers, and these manufacturers have taken excellent production measures to bring a good development trend to the industry. plastic-coated steel pipes have more advantages. they are mainly suitable for humid environments and buried underground, and they also have low-temperature resistance and high-temperature resistance. plastic-coated steel pipe has strong anti-interference ability and is mainly used for water supply and drainage, fire protection, and cable casing. if interference occurs, it will have a shielding effect on signals from other locations.

this kind of steel pipe has good compressive strength and good insulation performance. it is mainly anti-corrosion and protects the wires, so it will not leak electricity, and the pipe wall is relatively smooth without burrs. plastic coating means that some plastic powder is coated on the inner and outer surfaces of the light pipe. after doing so, the steel pipe can have more excellent properties, which is why the steel-plastic composite pipe can be used in more industries.

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Ball Valve,Butterfly Valves,Gate valve
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