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Precautions for the construction of industrial plastic-coated steel pipes


1. plastic-coated steel pipes are strictly prohibited from being dropped and violently hit during transportation, loading, unloading, and construction on the construction site;

2. plastic-coated steel pipes should not be buried in reinforced concrete structural layers;

3. the installation of plastic-coated steel pipes should be gradually connected from large diameters to small diameters, and the pipe openings should be blocked in time;

4. welding is prohibited in the installation of plastic-coated steel pipes;

5. when installing the plastic-coated steel pipe, the pipe bender can be used for cold bending when the pipe diameter is not greater than dn50, but the bending radius of curvature shall not be less than 8 times the pipe diameter, and the bending angle shall not be greater than 10°.

in addition, plastic-coated steel pipes are not thermal insulation pipes. many people may see that plastic-coated steel pipes are coated with a layer of plastic on the outside of the steel pipes, and the thickness is thicker than the original steel pipes. they subconsciously think that plastic-coated steel pipes have the effect of heat preservation. familiarity is wrong. chongqing jinruo pipeline reminds here that although plastic-coated steel pipes are thicker than ordinary pipes, their function does not have the effect of heat preservation. and it ensures the stability of the conveying medium in the pipeline.

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Line Pipe,Carbon Steel Line Pipe,ERW Black Pipe
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