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The difference between plastic coated steel pipe and plastic lined steel pipe


1. the plastic-lined composite steel pipe is made of thermoplastic pipes such as polyethylene (pe), heat-resistant polyethylene (pe-rt), and cross-linked polyethylene (pe-x) lining the inner wall of the steel pipe according to the requirements of the conveying medium. , so it has the advantages of steel pipe and plastic pipe at the same time. internal and external plastic-coated steel pipes use steel pipes as the base material, plastic powder as the coating material, a plastic layer is melt-coated on the inner surface, and a plastic layer or other material anti-corrosion layer is melt-coated on the outer surface. plastic composite products.

2. the characteristics of plastic-lined composite steel pipes: hygienic and non-toxic, in line with the requirements of national food hygiene standards, corrosion-resistant and non-scaling; plastic lining has low thermal conductivity, heat preservation and energy saving; luxurious appearance, strong decoration, easy installation, and safe connection reliable, good heat resistance and aging resistance. the characteristics of the plastic-coated composite steel pipe: it not only has the strength of the steel pipe, but also has the advantages of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and small fluid resistance of the plastic pipe. it is a new type of water supply and anti-corrosion pipeline. it overcomes the defects of galvanized pipes that are easy to rust, produce yellow water, small diameter of pipes caused by accumulation, blockage, etc., and has a significant effect on preventing secondary pollution and improving water quality.

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3LPE Coated Pipe,ERW Steel Pipe,Low Temperature Pipe