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types of 90 degree elbows

there are two main types of 90 degree elbow - long radius (lr) and short radius (sr). long-radius elbows have a centreline radius greater than the pipe diameter, making them less abrupt when changing direction. they are mainly used in low pressure and low velocity systems. short-radius elbows have a radius equal to the pipe diameter, making them more abrupt in the change of direction. they are used in high pressure and high velocity systems. choosing the right type of 90 degree elbow depends on the application requirements.


installing a 90 degree elbow

installing a 90 degree elbow is a simple process that requires some basic plumbing tools. the first step is to ensure that the pipe ends are clean and free of rust, debris or burrs. next, the elbow may need to be threaded, soldered or welded to the pipes, depending on the type of joint. it's important to align the centreline of the elbow with that of the pipes to avoid any obstructions or kinks in the system. finally, the elbow joints should be tested for leakage before the system is commissioned.

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Threaded Tee,Slotted Pipes,Tubing
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