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Types of stainless steel tubes


types of stainless steel tubes

basic tubes: the most popular and widely used form of stainless steel tubing on the market is standard stainless steel tubing. due to its high resistance to weather, chemicals and corrosion, 304 and 316 stainless steel are used for typical applications in homes, buildings, etc. for decorative purposes. ss304 and ss316 are not recommended for use in high temperature industries (between 400°c and 800°c), but ss304l and ss316l are preferred and used instead.


hydraulic line tubing: small diameter fuel lines and hydraulic systems both use this type of tubing. these tubes are incredibly strong and corrosion resistant because they are made of 304l or 304 stainless steel.


aircraft stainless steel tubing: nickel and chromium stainless steel tubing is used in all aircraft applications because it is both heat and corrosion resistant. low carbon stainless steel is preferred for welded stainless steel tubing and components. aerospace structural materials manufactured to aerospace material specifications (ams) or military specifications are used for applications requiring both seamless and welded tubing.


pressure stainless steel tubing: stainless pressure tubing is designed to withstand intense pressure and heat. they can be welded to specific specifications and are large diameter. these pipes are made from an austenitic and ferritic type of steel, also known as nickel-chromium alloy or solid chromium.


mechanical tube: stainless steel mechanical tubes are used in bearing and cylinder applications. for applications requiring mechanical tubes, astma511 and a554 grades are typically used. these mechanical tubes are available in a variety of shapes including square, rectangular and circular and can be made to order.

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Carbon Steel Line Pipe,Weldolet Sockolet Threadolet,Casing and Tubing Coupling
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