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types of steel used in pipes steel pipes have innumerable applications, but their main purpose is to carry liquids or gases from one place to another. they are used in large transportation systems laid under cities as well as in smaller pipe systems in residential and commercial buildings. they are also used in industrial production facilities and construction sites. there are virtually no limits to the use of steel pipe, and this impressive versatility is due to the strength and flexibility of steel as a construction material. let's take a closer look at the types of steel used in pipes.

carbon steel
carbon steel is the most commonly used type of steel for pipes. its chemical structure has relatively low amounts of alloying elements, making it easy to process with a shot blast machine and keeping costs low. carbon steel tubes are typically used in the automotive, marine, oil and gas industries and offer impressive strength under load.

alloy steel
the addition of alloys such as copper, nickel, chromium and manganese improves the performance of steel. alloy steel pipe is ideal for high stress and unstable conditions, making it a popular option for the oil and gas, petrochemical and refining industries.

stainless steel
stainless steel is a material that has been refined with a chromium alloy to resist corrosion. stainless steel pipes are therefore commonly used in the marine industry and by companies that manufacture pharmaceuticals, purify drinking water and similar applications where a corrosion-free piping system is required.

galvanized steel
similar to stainless steel, galvanized steel is alloyed with a corrosion-resistant metal, in this case zinc. although zinc increases the corrosion resistance of galvanized steel pipe, it is not as resistant as stainless steel, and the pipe can actually corrode over time. in addition, its service life is only about 50 years. although galvanized steel pipes used to be popular in domestic applications, they are now mainly used for industrial piping systems.

advanced steel pipe cutting technology
regardless of the type of steel used for pipes, the right equipment is essential for professional metal fabricators who specialize in steel pipe production. beamcut is an industry-leading fabrication technology that can help you optimize your materials, speed up production in your store, and reduce your overhead costs.

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Slotted liner,Threaded Tee,Expansion Joints

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