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What are the advantages of plastic coated steel pipes


plastic-coated steel pipes are based on welded steel pipes and seamless steel pipes, and the inner and outer walls are coated with epoxy resin or polyethylene powder. they are anti-corrosion, corrosion-resistant, non-toxic, and non-radiative green environmental protection pipes, which are used in various fluid transportation. if the base pipe is a straight seam welded steel pipe, it shall meet the requirements of gb/t3091-2008 for the base pipe; if the base pipe is a seamless steel pipe, it shall meet the requirements of gb/t8163-2008 for the base pipe; if the base pipe is a spiral seam submerged arc welded steel pipe it should meet the requirements of sy/t5037-2000 for base pipes.

plastic-coated steel pipe has the following advantages:
1. it retains the rigidity and strength of traditional metal pipes, far superior to plastic pipes and aluminum-plastic pipes;
2. it has the characteristics of a smooth inner wall, small friction resistance, and no fouling, and the outer wall is more beautiful and luxurious;
3. light weight, good toughness, impact resistance, and high compressive strength; the applicable temperature is wider -30℃~100℃;
4. the connection method with pipe fittings can be twisted wire, socket, flange, groove, welding, etc., which saves labor and effort in various ways;
5. the thermal expansion coefficient difference of the connection part with the pipe fitting is small, which is safer and more reliable;
6. the price-performance ratio is reasonable, the overall cost is low, and it is more economical than copper pipes and stainless steel pipes. the steel belt in the middle of the perforated steel belt is punched with a lot of holes, so that the pe of the inner and outer layers are organically combined into one, thus solving the problem of compounding steel and plastic, but sacrificing the oxygen barrier performance of the steel-plastic pipe, and, because the existence of the hole network on the steel belt greatly reduces the compressive strength of this type of steel-plastic pipe. under high-pressure working conditions, local pipe bursts are prone to occur.

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hex nipple,API Tubing Well Tubing,SSAW Pipe
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