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Advantages and characteristics of outer polyethylene inner epoxy resin coated steel pipe


advantages of outer polyethylene inner epoxy resin coated steel pipe:

1. it has high mechanical strength and is suitable for harsh environments;

2. the inner and outer coatings can prevent metal oxidation and have good chemical corrosion resistance;

3. the coating has strong adhesion, high bonding strength, and good impact resistance;

4. low roughness coefficient and friction coefficient, excellent resistance to foreign matter adhesion;

5. anti-aging, long service life, especially suitable for buried water delivery.

the characteristics of the outer polyethylene inner epoxy resin coated steel pipe: the outer polyethylene inner epoxy resin coated steel pipe is based on the welded steel pipe, and adopts sandblasting chemical double pre-treatment, preheating, inner and outer coating, curing, and post-treatment steel-plastic composite pipes made by other processes. it has excellent comprehensive properties, strong corrosion resistance, and mechanical properties, good chemical resistance and water resistance, and has functions such as drag reduction, anti-corrosion, compression resistance, and antibacterial. it is generally not restricted by the conveying medium, and the plastic-coated layer has a strong bonding force with steel. coating material: outer polyethylene (pe) epoxy resin (ep) is suitable for the working environment below 80 ℃, the steel pipe coating has extremely high adhesion, the coating has high hardness, good impact resistance, and good chemical corrosion resistance.

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Slotted liner,Reducer,SS SMLS Pipe
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