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Advantages of epoxy powder anti-corrosion plastic coated steel pipe


fusion-bonded epoxy powder anti-corrosion plastic-coated steel pipe first flows fully in the fluidized bed, and then electrostatically sprays to make the powder particles negatively charged, and evenly extends the powder particles to the surface of the preheated grounded steel pipe. a small amount of loose powder can be recovered through the recovery system without dust pollution.

compared with ordinary pipes, epoxy powder-coated plastic composite steel pipes have the characteristics of impact resistance, sound insulation, good fire resistance, no spontaneous combustion, and no combustion-supporting properties. plastic-coated pipes are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly than other steel pipes and do not require extensive maintenance. the pipeline is not easily corroded by acid and alkali, will not yellow or fade, and requires no maintenance. lined with plastic composite steel pipe, the surface is smooth and beautiful, and the appearance color can be selected arbitrarily. because the inner wall is smooth, it can prevent microbial transport fluid resistance.

the raw material of epoxy powder-coated steel pipe is hot-melt epoxy solvent-free, food-grade powder is selected, most epoxy resin coatings are solvent-based coatings, polyurethane insulation layer, high-density polyethylene as a protective layer, containing a large amount of volatile organic compounds (volatile organic compounds), which are harmful to the environment and human health. epoxy powder is a thermosetting, uncoated, polymer cross-linked structure coating after curing, which has excellent chemical anti-corrosion and mechanical properties, especially good wear resistance, and adhesion. the paint of this product is solid, does not contain solvent, and the powder utilization rate is more than 90%. inner and outer double-layer epoxy powder anti-corrosion plastic-coated steel pipes, epoxy liquid has a pungent smell and is composed of thinner, curing agent, etc.

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Butterfly Valves,Seamless boiler pipe,Rectangular Steel Pipes
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