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plastic-coated steel pipes, also known as plastic-coated pipes, steel-plastic composite pipes, and plastic-coated composite steel pipes, use steel pipes as the substrate and weld a layer of plastic anti-corrosion layer or steel-plastic composite steel pipe with plastic anti-corrosion layer welded on the inner and outer surfaces. plastic-coated steel pipe has excellent corrosion resistance and relatively small frictional resistance. epoxy resin coated steel pipe is suitable for the transportation of water supply and drainage, seawater, warm water, oil, gas, and other media, and pvc coated steel pipe is suitable for the transportation of drainage, seawater, oil, gas, and other media.
common colors: black, gray, blue, red, white, green;
coating thickness: pe (modified polyethylene) coating thickness is 400um-1000um, ep (epoxy resin) spraying thickness is 100um-400um;
coating method: pe (polyethylene) is hot dip plastic ep, (epoxy resin) is sprayed inside and outside;
product specification: dn15—dn1660;
ambient temperature: -30°c to 120°c;

advantages of plastic coated steel pipe products:
1. adapt to buried and humid environments, and can withstand high and extremely low temperatures.
2. strong anti-interference ability. if the plastic-coated steel pipe is used as a cable casing, it can effectively shield external signal interference.
3. good pressure resistance, the maximum pressure can reach 6mpa.
4. good insulation performance, as a protective tube for electric wires, there will never be leakage.
5. no burrs, smooth pipe wall, suitable for wearing wires or cables during construction.

connection method of plastic coated steel pipe
connection method: screw (dn15-dn100), groove (dn65-dn400), flange (applicable to any diameter), welding, bimetal connection, socket, pipe joint, sealing connection, etc.

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Heat exchanger tubes,Wire Wrap Screen Pipe,Drill Pipe
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