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Advantages of plastic coated steel pipe application


plastic coated steel pipes, also known as plastic-coated pipes, steel-plastic composite pipes, and plastic-coated composite steel pipes, use steel pipes as the substrate and weld a layer of plastic anti-corrosion layer or steel-plastic composite steel pipe with plastic anti-corrosion layer welded on the inner and outer surfaces.

plastic coated steel pipes use ordinary carbon steel pipes as the base pipe, and the inner and outer walls of the pipe are coated with thermoplastics with excellent chemical stability. it is a special chemical composite pipeline processed by anti-corrosion technology, which can effectively prevent the corrosion of the pipeline by the acid-base salt contained in the chemical fluid medium. in the past, the chemical pipeline could not withstand corrosion, so the pipeline had to be replaced every year, and the maintenance cost in the latter period was very high. however, this product has improved its shortcomings and increased its service life to 20 years. generally, many chemical pipelines are buried in the ground. pipelines are aging and even leaking, but plastic-coated steel pipes for the chemical industry have changed this situation, so it has been known by more and more chemical factories and has become a popular pipe material in the chemical industry.

advantages of plastic coated steel pipe

1. hygienic, non-toxic, no fouling, no breeding of microorganisms, ensuring fluid quality

2. resistant to chemicals, soil and marine organisms, cathodic disbonding

3. the installation process is mature, convenient, and fast, and the connection is the same as that of ordinary galvanized pipes

4. good weather resistance, suitable for harsh environments such as deserts and saline alkalis

5. smooth pipe wall, improved conveying efficiency, and long service life

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Ball Valve,Butterfly Valves,Gate valve
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