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Epoxy resin coated steel pipe process


1. epoxy resin coated steel pipe firstly pre-treats the base pipe.

2. sandblasting the steel pipe, the surface of the steel pipe is blasted and de-rusted according to bg/t8923 to sa2 1/2 level, to ensure roughness and improve the adhesion.

3. put the sandblasted steel pipe into the electric oven for preheating, when the temperature reaches 200°~250° (generally preheating for about one and a half hours)).

4. coating the preheated pipes - after coating, put it into the curing box to cure (when the temperature reaches 200 degrees, keep it for 15 minutes) to finish the product.

5. after spraying, the heating equipment is preheated to 180 degrees to cure the sprayed substrate.

when spraying, the epoxy resin powder has not been completely fused to the inner and outer walls of the substrate. after 30 minutes of preheating and curing, the curing agent in the epoxy resin is completely cured, making the coating adhesion on the inner and outer walls stronger and thermosetting. the powder characteristics are fully revealed.

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Ball Valve,Butterfly Valves,Gate valve
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