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Advantages of plastic-coated steel pipes and precautions for installation


in recent years, the status of ordinary steel pipes has declined rapidly. the fundamental factor is that the environment is severely corroded. even if the wall thickness of steel pipes is large, it is always unrealistic to use wall thickness to slow down corrosion, because the wall layer of steel will always be melted away. facing the threat of steel pipe corrosion, plastic-coated steel pipes are gradually adding value to the market. facing environmental corrosion, the combination of steel and plastic is the way to solve corrosion. the characteristic of plastic-coated steel pipes is hygiene. for pipes, if there is no corrosion, the water quality will naturally improve. the quality of the pipeline is not only determined by the material but also related to the installation location and maintenance efforts.

plastic-coated steel pipes are installed underground, and the underground environment is only corroded, but many factors can damage the pipes on the ground. many pipelines are corrosion-resistant, but water pipelines should not be exposed to sunlight. plastic-coated steel pipes also need to be paid attention to. strong sunlight not only affects the quality of the pipes but also increases the internal temperature of the pipelines. the stuffy environment inside the pipelines is often more likely to damage the water quality. in the face of severe cold, the pipeline is still easily damaged, and the steel pipe is afraid of the cold winter. for the quality of the plastic-coated steel pipe, anti-frost measures should be taken for the plastic-coated steel pipe in the cold area.

although plastic-coated steel pipes are highly resistant to corrosion, it is unavoidable for plastics to be afraid of high temperatures, and plastic-coated steel pipes also need to stay away from high temperatures. environment.

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Slotted Pipes,Butterfly Valves,Alloy Pressure Pipe
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