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How to connect plastic coated steel pipe


connection methods of plastic-coated steel pipes: threaded connection, groove connection, flange welding, and plastic-coated steel pipes are generally threaded.

the general connection method is a threaded connection within 100 mm of plastic-coated steel pipe;

between one hundred and two hundred is a groove connection;

more than two hundred are flange welding. sometimes it is determined according to the pressure requirements.

properties of plastic-coated steel pipes:

the production process of steel strip reinforced plastic-coated steel pipe is relatively complicated. unlike aluminum strips, steel strips have almost no flexibility, so the requirements for the forming process of steel strips are very high. secondly, the steel strip is usually thicker than the aluminum strip, so it cannot be welded by the lap welding process, but can only be wielded by the butt welding process which requires extremely high precision.

finally, even if the steel strip is processed into a steel pipe that fully meets the requirements, what kind of process can be used to perfectly combine the steel strip and pe has become another problem in the manufacture of plastic-coated steel pipes.

although the steel strip reinforced plastic-coated steel pipe has incomparable advantages over other pipes, the complexity of its production process and the requirements for high-tech technology make many pipe manufacturers discouraged, so there is a seamless steel pipe reinforced plastic-coated steel pipe, the emergence of several types of pipes, such as plastic-coated steel pipes with mesh steel strips and steel mesh skeleton plastic-coated steel pipes.

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Premium Screen,Spiral Steel Pipe,Perforated Pipe
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