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The importance of adding an anti-corrosion coating to plastic-coated steel pipes


china's steel-plastic steel pipes have not been developed for a long time, and there is still a large gap compared with foreign countries in raw materials, technology, manufacturing equipment, and other aspects. for example, coating on the outer wall of the pipeline can increase the circuit resistance and reduce the corrosion current; an external dc power supply can make the steel pipe have a negative potential on the soil and form cathodic protection, which can eliminate the potential difference between the cathode and the anode, and stop the interruption of the cathode and anode process.

to improve the quality style of internal and external plastic-coated steel pipes, plastic-coated steel pipes must improve the quality level of steel-plastic composite pipe products. over the past few years, the steel-plastic pipe industry federation has actively promoted and conscientiously implemented the professional standards of products in the industry, and first launched the certification work using professional product marks, which has continuously improved the quality of plastic-coated steel pipe products. the anti-corrosion coating of plastic-coated steel pipes inside and outside is ruled by law, and cathodic protection is ruled by law. disadvantages: when used as a hot water pipe, due to long-term thermal expansion and contraction, the ferrule-type connection may be dislocated and cause leakage. therefore, the separation of anti-corrosion coating and cathodic protection is an economical and effective method to treat both symptoms and root causes. how choose aluminum-plastic composite pipes and plastic-coated steel pipes has become a headache for consumers.

plastic-coated steel pipes inside and outside are a new type of pipeline material that has been developed in recent years. it uses steel pipes as the matrix and is compounded after covering various plastics inside the steel pipes. through the large internet market and large channels, the industry has promoted the determination of suitable raw materials for plastic-coated steel pipes. there are many types of water pipes on the market. let’s take a look at the characteristics of various water pipes made of different materials: aluminum-plastic composite pipe advantages: aluminum-plastic composite pipe is a kind of pipe that was popular in the past and is light in weight, durable, and convenient in construction. there are many types of aluminum-plastic composite pipes currently on the market, with great differences in quality and price. this point may not be imagined by many owners, so many businesses like to make a fuss about the quotation of water pipes when they publicize. the development of plastic-coated steel pipes inside and outside is also very fast. at present, the annual production capacity of companies producing steel-plastic composite pipe products has exceeded, and the export volume has also increased year by year. the market share of plastic-coated steel pipes is constantly increasing.

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SMLS Pipe,Carbon Steel Line Pipe,SSAW Pipe
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