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Anti-corrosion epoxy powder coated steel pipe surface pretreatment requirements


anti-corrosion epoxy powder coated steel pipe surface pretreatment requirements:

1) before the steel surface is painted, the surface is pretreated. before pretreatment, the welding slag, burrs, grease, and other dirt on the steel surface should be removed. ) the surface treatment adopts mechanical shot peening to remove rust, and the rust removal grade meets the requirements of sa2.5 grade.

2) after de-rusting the base pipe of the anti-corrosion epoxy powder-coated steel pipe, it should be blown off with dry compressed air, or the dust should be removed with a vacuum cleaner. if you accidentally touch the cleaned surface with your hands, clean the steel pipe surface with a solvent immediately.

3) the surface of the steel after de-rusting should be painted as soon as possible, generally within 4 hours, and under sunny and good weather conditions, the time should not exceed 12 hours.

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FBE Coated Pipe,Drill Collar,Line Pipe
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