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Anticorrosion properties of single-layer epoxy-coated steel pipelines


anticorrosion characteristics of single-layer epoxy-coated steel pipelines:
1. fast curing speed, short curing time, high coating efficiency, suitable for assembly line operation.
2. good mechanical and physical properties.
3. good corrosion resistance, acid, alkali, salt, oil, water, etc.
4. it can play an anti-corrosion effect in a large temperature range.
5. the coating meets the technical requirements of the standard sy/t0315-97 and can/csa-z245.20-98.

anti-corrosion epoxy-coated steel pipe products are used in:
1. coal mine: suitable for underground coal mine water supply and drainage, underground spraying, positive and negative pressure ventilation, fire sprinkler, and other pipe networks.
2. power plants: pipelines for processing water waste residue and return water in thermal power plants.
3. fire protection: it has good applicability for water supply pipelines of sprinkler and sprinkler systems.
4. expressway: cable protection casing for electric power, communication, expressway, etc.
5. municipal engineering: suitable for high-rise building water supply, heating network heating, tap water engineering, gas transmission, buried water transmission, and other pipelines.
6. petroleum: process pipelines for transporting corrosive media in petroleum pipelines, chemical, pharmaceutical, printing, and dyeing industries.
7. sewage treatment: sewage treatment discharge pipes, sewage pipes, and biological pool anti-corrosion works.
8. agriculture: agricultural irrigation pipes, deep well pipes, drainage pipes, and other networks.

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Slotted liner,Reducer,SS SMLS Pipe
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