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Application of anti-corrosion epoxy coated steel pipe


the product implementation standard is based on cj/t120-2008, and the pretreatment grade of the steel pipe and the formula performance of the coating material are improved according to its use requirements. in particular, the expansion coefficient of the coating material is the same as that of the steel pipe within a certain temperature range.

anti-corrosion epoxy-coated steel pipes are mainly used in the cooling water and chilled water circulation systems of air-conditioning systems. welded steel pipes (gb/t3091) can be used as the base material of the pipes, including galvanized and non-galvanized steel pipes, usually straight seam welded steel pipes below dn200, more than dn200 is spiral welded steel pipe, the steel pipe standard is sy/t5037; seamless steel pipe (gb/t8163) can also be used, including galvanized and non-galvanized steel pipe; buried system can choose ductile iron (gb/t13295).

mainly for the cooling of large-scale equipment, it is used to circulate the medium used to determine the anti-corrosion coating material and process requirements:

industrial pure water, soft water, reclaimed water, and other water treatment system pipelines have high requirements, and the medium itself is weakly acidic. during the operation of the pipeline, the medium is required not to be in contact with any material other than the coating material. usually, factory-prefabricated parts are used. on-site assembly or secondary installation.

the implementation standards q/hl109-2009 and q/hl108-2009 of composite steel pipe products for mining systems meet the requirements of coal safety production and have passed the national coal safety mark certification. the use of a coating that does not generate static electricity accumulation ensures safety in underground use.

the executive standard of composite steel pipes in the chemical system: hg20538-1992, hg/t2437-1993, the lining material and corresponding process requirements are determined by the medium and temperature to be transported and the factory prefabricated parts are usually used for on-site assembly or secondary installation.

gas-plastic-coated steel pipe products implement enterprise standards: special weather-resistant anti-corrosion coatings are used to avoid many problems in the use of traditional galvanized pipes, plastic pipes, and stainless steel pipes in the gas industry, and improve the cost performance of the original products.

communication, electric power, optical cable anti-corrosion casing
1. communication, electric power, and optical cable anti-corrosion casing, the product implementation standard: dl/935-2005, adopts internal and external plastic coating for anti-corrosion.
2. anti-corrosion composite pipes for seawater systems. the products are used in seawater anti-corrosion systems for docks and wharves, including seawater transportation, circulation, and water intake pipes. corresponding wear-resistant seawater anti-corrosion pipes can be provided according to the service life.
3. for anti-corrosion composite pipelines in the food and pharmaceutical industries, the selected coating materials meet the relevant standards, and factory-prefabricated parts are usually used for on-site assembly or secondary installation.

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Carbon Steel Line Pipe,Weldolet Sockolet Threadolet,Casing and Tubing Coupling
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