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Characteristics and application of high temperature oil casing

1. safety and environmental protection, protect the health of workers. 
the alkali-free glass fiber itself has strong tensile force, will not be broken, vulcanized, smoke-free, halogen-free, non-toxic, pure oxygen, non-combustible, and has good insulation characteristics. after the organic silica gel is cured, its safety and environmental protection performance is strengthened and effectively protected workers are healthy and reduce the incidence of occupational diseases.

2. excellent high-temperature resistance. 
the organosilicon structure on the surface of the high-temperature casing contains both "organic groups" and "inorganic structures". this special composition and molecular structure make it integrate the characteristics of organic matter and the function of inorganic matter. silicone is not only resistant to high temperatures, but also resistant to low temperatures, and can be used in a wide temperature range. whether it is chemical properties or physical-mechanical properties, the change with temperature is very small.

3. splash-proof, multiple protection. 
in the smelting industry, the temperature of the medium in the electric furnace is extremely high, and it is easy to form high-temperature splash (the same is true in the electric welding industry). after cooling and solidification, slag is formed on the pipe or cable, which will harden the rubber on the outer layer of the pipe or cable, and finally embrittlement and cracking.
4. thermal insulation, energy-saving and consumption reduction, radiation resistance. 
in high-temperature workshops, many pipelines, valves, or equipment have very high internal temperatures. if they are not subject to protective materials, it is easy to cause burns or heat loss.

5. anti-moisture, anti-oil, anti-climate aging, anti-pollution, prolong the service life of the equipment.
the high-temperature casing has solid chemical stability. organic silicon does not react to oil, water, acid, alkali, and other substances. it can be utilized for a long time without aging within 260°c. the service life under a natural environment can reach several decades. maximize the protection of pipelines, cables, and equipment on these occasions, greatly extending their service life.
6. ozone resistance, voltage resistance, arc resistance, corona resistance performance.
because the surface is coated with untreated silica gel, its main chain is -si-o- and there is no double bond, so it is not easily decomposed by ultraviolet light and ozone. high-temperature bushings have good electrical insulation properties. their dielectric loss, withstand voltage, arc resistance, corona resistance, volume resistivity, and surface resistivity are among the best insulating materials, and their electrical properties are influenced by temperature and frequency. the impact is small.
7. flame retardant, reduce the incidence and spread of fire. 
if the pipeline is transported with flammable or toxic media, it will easily cause fire or casualties when leakage occurs; cables are often burned due to local high temperatures; high-temperature sleeves are woven with extremely high-temperature resistant glass fiber, and the surface is made of silicone there are special materials such as appropriate flame retardants to make it have excellent flame retardancy.

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oil caing, API casing, casing tubing
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