stainless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe application, stainless steel pipe welding

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Characteristics and scope of application of argon arc welding construction method for stainless steel pipe sockets

the stainless steel pipe socket argon arc welding construction method has the following characteristics:
1. the welding process does not require welding materials (replaced by expanded pipe edges). the steel pipe is inserted into the pipe fitting socket, and the end of the socket is welded in a circle using gas tungsten arc welding (gtaw) to melt the pipe into one body. not only can the weld seam and the pipe be integrated and have the same color, and can save welding accessories and increase the welding speed.
2. after tests such as pressure resistance, air tightness, pulling, negative pressure, and salt spray, the pipe connection strength and sealing properties have obvious advantages over other connection methods; it has a wide range of applications, and this "jointless connection" the connection method has special advantages, especially in pipe wells, embedded walls, etc., saving labor and materials, easy maintenance, and meeting environmental protection requirements.
3. high-cost performance, simple pipe structure, obvious price advantage, safe, reliable, durable, beautiful appearance, environmentally friendly and hygienic, easy to use and maintain.

scope of stainless steel pipe application
it is suitable for connecting dn15 ~ dn50 pipelines in industrial and civil medium and low-pressure cold water, hot water, drinking purified water, steam, hvac, gas transmission, sewage treatment, and other projects and equipment.
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stainless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe application, stainless steel pipe welding
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