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Classification of plastic coated steel pipes


coating raw materials for plastic-coated steel pipes include epoxy resin (epoxy powder) and polyethylene coating materials. the inner wall of the pipeline is coated with epoxy powder thermal fusion, and the outer wall of the pipeline is generally anti-corrosion with epoxy powder or polyethylene. epoxy powder is a kind of thermosetting coating. the steel pipe is first subjected to shot blasting and de-rusting treatment, then heated at medium frequency, and then electrostatic spraying technology is used to spray epoxy powder on the surface of the pipe to cure and form a coating.

according to the difference of coating raw materials, it includes inner and outer plastic-coated steel pipes, outer galvanized inner plastic-coated steel pipes, inner epoxy outer polyethylene anti-corrosion steel pipes, tpep anti-corrosion steel pipes, etc.

according to the purpose, it includes plastic-coated steel pipes for fire protection, plastic-coated steel pipes for mining, plastic-coated steel pipes for water supply and drainage, plastic-coated steel pipes for tap water supply, and plastic-coated steel pipes for cable protection.

divided according to the installation method, including overhead plastic-coated steel pipes, municipal pipe gallery plastic-coated steel pipes, and buried plastic-coated steel pipes.

divided according to the connection method, including screw connection plastic-coated steel pipe, clamp groove connection plastic-coated steel pipe, flange connection plastic-coated steel pipe, bimetal welding plastic-coated steel pipe, flexible socket plastic-coated steel pipe.

customers can choose different plastic-coated steel pipes according to different uses, anti-corrosion level requirements, and connection methods of the pipes.

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Bridge Slot Screen,SS SMLS Pipe,FBE Coated Pipe
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