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Anticorrosion Defects of Epoxy Coal Tar Paint Coating on Plastic-coated Steel Pipes


the paint coating of plastic-coated steel pipes has always been the most important link, but what are the defects in the anti-corrosion of epoxy coal tar pitch paint coatings?

1) during on-site construction, the curing of epoxy resin is affected by temperature, the curing is slow, and the construction period is long.
2) because a large amount of solvent is added to the construction, it is easy to provide opportunities for some construction units to cut corners (add more solvent, dilute the paint, and increase the cost).
  3) because it is a two-component, inaccurate curing agent ratio or uneven mixing may occur during on-site construction, which may cause poor curing or uneven quality after curing.
4) the anti-corrosion layer is reinforced with glass cloth. the glass cloth contains wax, which affects the adhesion between layers. glass fibers are produced during construction, which is easy to damage the skin of construction workers.

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Seamless Line Pipe,FBE Coated Pipe,Peforated pipe
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