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What is the executive standard for the production of fire-resistant plastic-coated steel pipes


when using fire-fighting plastic-coated steel pipes, you will understand the implemented standards. what are the special requirements and circumstances of these standards? the detailed details are introduced below.

anti-corrosion, food-grade hygienic thermoplastic powder coating. sandblasting chemical double pre-treatment, preheating, internal coating, external coating, curing, post-treatment, and other processes, made of plastic-coated composite steel pipes for water supply inside and outside, is a cost-effective upgrade of traditional steel-plastic pipes and galvanized pipes product. the products have passed the fire protection professional certification of the national chemical building materials testing center.

plastic-coated steel pipe product standard
"plastic-coated composite steel pipe for water supply" cj/t120-2008
"automatic sprinkler fire extinguishing system - part 20: coated steel pipes" gb/t 5135.20--2010
"technical regulations for building water supply plastic-coated composite pipe pipeline engineering" cecs125: 2001
"safety evaluation standards for drinking water transmission and distribution equipment and protective materials" gb/t 17219-1998

plastic coating engineering standards:
code for design of building water supply and drainage gb 50015-2003
"code for construction quality acceptance of building water supply, drainage and heating engineering" gb50242-2002

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Assembled Fitting,SAWH Pipe,API Line Pipe