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Coating methods and characteristics of large-diameter plastic-coated steel pipes for water delivery


the coating methods of plastic-coated steel pipes for large-diameter water delivery are divided into two categories: internal coating and external coating at the same time, and internal coating and external coating separately.

process coating methods are also divided into two categories: first internal coating, then external coating; first external coating, then internal coating.

there are five types of internal coating methods: well coating, non-static gun extension rod spraying, non-static powder pump push-pull rod spraying, powder deduction, and vacuum suction coating.

there are four types of external coating methods: well coating, electrostatic spraying, fluidized bed dipping, and waterfall coating.

there are mainly two types of internal and external coatings at the same time: well coating (internal coating and external coating) and fluidized bed dip coating (external dip coating, internal non-static powder pump push-pull rod spraying).

in the installation of large-diameter plastic-coated steel pipes, there are many installation methods and good use effects. large-diameter plastic-coated steel pipes are used in fire-fighting pipelines and power pipeline installations. both play an important role in underground mining.

the application of plastic-coated steel pipes is very common, which lies in the specific characteristics of the product itself.

plastic-coated steel pipe is a new type of composite pipe that melts, sprays, or absorbs epoxy resin powder coating on the inner and outer walls with advanced technology and is cured at high temperatures. as a replacement product for ordinary pipes, it has both the strength and rigidity of steel pipes and fittings it also has the advantages of the very smooth inner wall of the plastic water pipe, good self-lubrication, no rust, no scaling, small fluid resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, good antibacterial hygiene performance, and flexibility.

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Rectangular Steel Pipes,Socket Weld Tee,SS SMLS Pipe
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