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Comparison of plastic-coated pipes and 3PE anti-corrosion pipes


plastic-coated steel pipes

plastic-coated steel pipes, also known as plastic-coated steel pipes, steel-plastic composite pipes, and plastic-coated composite steel pipes, are based on steel pipes, and use pe (modified polyethylene) for hot dipping or ep (epoxy resin) as the main anti-corrosion material. a steel-plastic composite steel pipe with a layer of pe anti-corrosion layer welded on the inner surface of the steel pipe (bottom pipe) or an ep anti-corrosion layer welded on the inner and outer surfaces by spraying, rolling, dipping, and suction processes. plastic-coated steel pipes have excellent corrosion resistance. at the same time, the coating itself has good electrical insulation and will not cause electrical corrosion. low water absorption, high mechanical strength, and small friction coefficient can achieve the purpose of long-term use. it can also effectively prevent damage to plant roots and soil environmental stress.

advantages of plastic-coated steel pipes

1. adapt to buried and humid environments, and can withstand high and extremely low temperatures.

2. strong anti-interference ability. if the plastic-coated steel pipe is used as a cable casing, it can effectively shield external signal interference.

3. good pressure resistance, the pressure can reach 6mpa.

4. good insulation performance, as a protective tube for electric wires, there will never be leakage.

5. no burrs, smooth pipe wall, suitable for wearing wires or cables during construction.

plastic-coated steel pipe application fields

1. various forms of circulating water systems (civil circulating water, industrial circulating water), excellent performance, anti-corrosion life of up to 50 years.

2. fire water supply system.

3. water supply and drainage transportation of various buildings (especially suitable for cold and hot water systems in hotels, hotels, and high-end residential areas).

4. various chemical fluid transportation (this product is resistant to acid, alkali, and salt corrosion).

5. underground pipes and passage pipes for wires and cables.

6. ventilation pipes, supply and drainage pipes of mines and mines.

7. urban sewage pipelines.

3pe anti-corrosion steel pipe

3pe anti-corrosion steel pipe refers to a three-layer structure polyolefin coating (mapec) external anti-corrosion steel pipe. the base material includes seamless steel pipe, spiral steel pipe, and straight seam steel pipe. it has good corrosion resistance, water vapor permeability resistance, and mechanical properties. it has been widely used in industrial pipelines. it is a commonly used anti-corrosion pipeline in china. other anti-corrosion methods include ipn8710, fbe epoxy powder, and epoxy coal tar pitch. generally refers to the anti-corrosion of the outer wall of the steel pipe. the anti-corrosion layer of 3pe anti-corrosion steel pipe is very important to the life of buried pipelines. some pipelines of the same material will not corrode after being buried underground for decades, and some will leak in a few years because they use different materials. outer anti-corrosion layer.

3pe anti-corrosion steel pipe structure

the first layer of epoxy powder (fbe>100um)

the second layer of adhesive (ad) is 170~250um

the third layer of polyethylene (pe) 2.5~3.7mm

3pe anti-corrosion steel pipe advantages

many people only know one thing about the use of 3pe anti-corrosion steel pipes. ordinary steel pipes will be severely corroded when they are used in harsh environments, which will reduce the service life of steel pipes. the use of 3pe anti-corrosion steel pipes the service life is also relatively long, generally, it can be used for about 30-50 years. the long-term operation can still save relatively large resources, significantly reduce energy costs, and also have relatively strong waterproof and corrosion resistance, and there is no need to attach pipe trenches, and can be directly buried in the ground or water, and the construction is also simple. it is fast, and the overall cost is relatively low. it also has good corrosion resistance and impact resistance under low-temperature conditions and can be directly buried in frozen soil in a certain environment.

3pe anti-corrosion steel pipe use

the role of 3pe anti-corrosion steel pipes is really wide coverage. it is suitable for underground coal mine water supply and drainage, underground spraying, positive and negative pressure ventilation, gas drainage, fire sprinkler, and other pipe networks. thermal power plant process water waste slag and returns water pipeline. it has excellent applicability for water supply pipelines of sprinkler and sprinkler systems. electric power, communication, highway, and other cable protection sleeves. applicable to high-rise building water supply, heating network heating, water supply engineering, gas transmission, buried water transmission, and other pipelines. process pipelines for transporting corrosive media in petroleum pipelines, chemical, pharmaceutical, printing, and dyeing industries. sewage treatment discharge pipes, sewage pipes, and bio-pool anti-corrosion projects. it can be said that 3pe anti-corrosion steel pipes are indispensable in the current construction of agricultural irrigation pipes, deep well pipes, drainage pipes, and other networks, and i believe that through the extension of technology, it will still have more brilliant achievements in the future.

finally, a simple way to identify plastic-coated steel pipes and 3pe anti-corrosion steel pipes is that plastic-coated pipes look very smooth in appearance, while 3pe method pipes look similar to a layer of anti-corrosion polyethylene tape on the outer layer of steel pipes. a single interface.

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