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Construction and storage of epoxy resin coated steel pipe


(1) the dust, oil, scale, etc. on the surface of the epoxy resin-coated steel pipe must be cleaned before painting. reach sa 2.5 level to ensure the quality of the painting. it is strictly forbidden to bring in water during construction.

(2) the construction ratio method is: open the mouth of component a, add component b into component a, and stir well. after aging for 30 minutes, it can be painted.

(3) this material is required to be used as it is prepared, and the proportioned paint must be used up within eight hours. unfinished materials should be kept sealed. construction should be stopped on rainy days or when the relative temperature is greater than 75%. for parts with severe corrosive media, multiple coats are recommended.

(4) the product should be stored in a cool and dry place, prevent direct sunlight, isolate fire sources, and keep away from heat sources. the storage period is twelve months. after the expiration, all technical indicators should be inspected. if the indicators meet the requirements, they can continue to be used.

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Ball Valve,Butterfly Valves,Gate valve
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