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Epoxy powder-coated steel pipe details


with the development of industry and the improvement of living standards, there are more and more constructions of different machinery and water conservancy facilities, and there are more and more extreme corrosion environments. the higher the value, the higher it becomes one of the important factors affecting the construction field.
epoxy powder-coated steel pipe is a safe, reliable, recycled and environmentally friendly pipe. it has good thermal shear resistance and corrosion resistance, and can maintain long-term processing performance in high temperature, high humidity, and corrosive environments. the use of this pipe the structure damage of the pipeline can be avoided, and the production cost can be saved.

epoxy powder-coated steel pipe adopts advanced molding technology, and the surface of the shell is automatically sprayed with epoxy powder baking paint to make the surface uniform and firm, with excellent resistance to perforation and corrosion, and can effectively prevent pollution in harsh working conditions it can effectively resist the invasion of the outside world in such an environment for a long time.

epoxy powder-coated steel pipe adopts precision seamless forming technology, the surface hardness of the shell is better, and it has strong thermal shear resistance, impact resistance and impact resistance, which can effectively reduce the stress on the pipeline and reduce the external corrosion of the pipeline objects and the possibility of collision damage and possible injury.

the joints of epoxy powder-coated steel pipes adopt fully sealed connection technology, which is combined with the surface of epoxy powder-baked paint to achieve sealing, prevent pollutants from penetrating in high-temperature, high-humidity, and corrosive environments, and effectively protect pipes and equipment. improve service life.

epoxy powder-coated steel pipe is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly, reliable and reliable pipeline product, which can well cope with the persistent pressure on the pipeline in harsh environments, can greatly reduce the cost of pipeline use, and improve the comprehensive performance of industrial pipelines. significance. the epoxy powder-coated steel pipe is made of all stainless steel pipes. the advanced molding technology is automatically sprayed with epoxy powder and baked. the surface is uniform and wear-resistant. it has corrosion resistance, good corrosion resistance, perforation resistance and wear resistance. features such as heat resistance, shear resistance, strong impact resistance, good seamless precision, safe and reliable operation, high corrosion resistance, high sealing performance and water tightness resistance, which can well meet the requirements of practical engineering applications. seam steel pipe. be sure to obtain high-quality raw materials from regular suppliers to obtain excellent performance, reliable service life and perfect service.

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3LPP Coated Pipe,Peforated pipe,Tubing
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