Spiral wound gasket,Pre-packed Well Screen,Seamless Line Pipe

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Plastic-coated steel pipes for water supply and epoxy resin-coated pipes inside and outside


plastic-coated steel pipe has strong corrosion resistance and good chemical resistance and can transport fluid media at -30°c-90°c. after inspection, it meets the safety performance standards for drinking water, water delivery, and distribution. the inner wall coating has strong adhesion, excellent impact resistance, and strong resistance to cathodic disbonding. due to the smooth surface of the coating on the inner wall of the pipeline, it can prevent the growth and scaling of microorganisms. at the same time, the transmission resistance is small, which can increase the flow rate and save energy. the use of modified epoxy resin powder internal coating can achieve fire and flame retardancy. large-diameter plastic-coated steel pipes are especially suitable for fire-fighting system pipes. it is a composite material formed by spraying chemical raw materials on the pipe wall and curing at high temperatures. due to the effect of the sprayed chemical substances, the corrosion resistance of the plastic-coated steel pipe is greatly improved, which also broadens the application range of the plastic-coated steel pipe. as we all know, there are a lot of chemical substances in the discharge of industrial sewage, which will cause strong corrosion to the pipeline, but with the use of plastic-coated steel pipes, we don't need to worry about the damage to sewage to the pipeline. the use of plastic-coated steel pipes greatly prolongs the life of the steel pipes and saves money and resources for people.

epoxy powder coating is applied by an electrostatic spraying process, forming a film at one time. this epoxy powder coating is a kind of thermosetting coating, which is processed by mixing and pulverizing solid epoxy resin, curing agent, and various additives. the steel pipe is subjected to shot blasting treatment and intermediate frequency preheating before painting, and then electrostatic spraying method is used to spray epoxy powder coating on the heated steel pipe surface, melt and bond on the steel pipe surface, and solidify to form a coating. fbe coating is generally a film-forming structure epoxy powder coating. the production raw materials include solid epoxy resin with an epoxy content between 700 and 1000 and a narrow molecular weight distribution. quick-response curing agent, catalyst, and co-catalyst, in addition to leveling agent, pigment, and filler. after these kinds of raw materials are mixed, they are sent to the extruder for mastication and kneading, extruded in the form of flakes, and after crushing, grinding, and grading, powder coatings with uniform particle size are obtained.

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Spiral wound gasket,Pre-packed Well Screen,Seamless Line Pipe
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